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Welcome to cfg2html

Welcome to, the config to HTML collector download site.

cfg2html is a little utility to collect the necessary system configuration files and system set-up to an ASCII file and HTML file. Simple to use and very helpful in disaster recovery situations. cfg2html is written entirely in the native language for system administration: as shell scripts. Experienced users and system admins can adapt or extend the cfg2html scripts to make it work for their particular cases either by using the plugin framework or by modifying the source code.


cfg2html collects the system configuration into an HTML and a text file. cfg2html is the "Swiss Army knife" for the sysadmins. It was written to get all the information needed to plan an update, do basic troubleshooting or performance analysis. As a bonus, cfg2html creates a nice HTML and simple plain ASCII documentation of your system. This include the collection of Cron and At, installed Hardware, installed Software, Filesystems, Dump- and Swap-configuration, LVM, Network Settings, Kernel, System enhancements and Applications, Subsystems.

The main cfg2html (configuration to HTML) web page is located at

There is also a mailing list: All support and discussion is preformed through Yahoo Groups, see As of June 2020 the group consists of more than 14.000 members, approximately one message per month is send over the mailing list.

From the following sites you can download the cfg2html collectors for free: is hosted and sponsored by -> e-projecta GmbH (-> Impressum)

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26.01.2011 4.066 quickinfo: MD5SUM=d116a20e8a6b92f2907fdc51f86d527f  click here to download! Shellscript and XHTML files to create a framed website with all your collected cfg2html from all major platforms (HP-UX, Linux, AIX, SUN etc.)
22.05.2020 266.167 quickinfo: MD5SUM=b44a36b72a6e79082b39188b72ca6c04  click here to download! updated/refreshed file! Hashall - calculates MD5, SHA1, SHA2, SHA3 hashes of files. For Windows and Linux. Needs not installation, portable version!
08.10.2010 929.129 quickinfo: MD5SUM=310258b252b7bc990139472fc124318b  click here to download! IO_NFS//IO_SAN - small toolset to generate load on NFS shares or SAN storage (EVA, XP, EMC², JBOD etc.)
15.10.2019 390.588 quickinfo: MD5SUM=4894d8e01e9d3a37a4b4c158b82a6a12  click here to download! Dir2html: Creates a HTML file (webpage) of the files in the current directory. Create within a second a complete download webpage of your files! W3C 3.2 complaint. With INI file for customizing the output. Win32, Dos32 + Linux.
27.05.2020 175.290 quickinfo: MD5SUM=180c450af6bf9c33f3c6ec582aa1b3ed  click here to download! cfg2html_6.35.1_all.deb updated/refreshed file! cfg2html for Linux - Debian package format (Ubuntu, Debian etc.)
27.05.2020 72.008 quickinfo: MD5SUM=b649546d90f533a5942bafc02f7448a2  click here to download! cfg2html- updated/refreshed file! cfg2html - RPM package for Linux (SLES, RHEL etc.)
27.05.2020 214.021 quickinfo: MD5SUM=fce5bba18e4a2b156631d195be60a5db  click here to download! cfg2html- updated/refreshed file! cfg2html - source code (tar ball)
31.05.2018 1.249.280 quickinfo: MD5SUM=031ef616c90d5616a6185b48819ff911  click here to download! cfg2html_hpux_5.36-20160608-34291.tar cfg2html for HP-UX 11.11-11.31 (hppa+ia64), tar ball
08.04.2016 849.920 quickinfo: MD5SUM=a28275659e16fa593a08f34b8a3d2ad9  click here to download! cfg2html_C.06.27_20151215.depot cfg2html for HP-UX 11.11-11.31 (hppa+ia64), software distributor format
18.06.2020 77.588 quickinfo: MD5SUM=6c91fddca92bbb2bfa8d5791efbe194f  click here to download! cfg2html- updated/refreshed file! cfg2html - RPM package for Linux (SLES, RHEL etc.)
18.06.2020 220.706 quickinfo: MD5SUM=9c8651423d153adfa0ec2c160d4fcc3c  click here to download! cfg2html- updated/refreshed file! cfg2html - source code (tar ball)
18.06.2020 n/a click to download md5sums.md5 updated/refreshed file! MD5 checksums of this folder

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