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Welcome to cfg2html

Welcome to, the config to HTML collector download site.

Cfg2html is a UNIX shell script similar to supportconfig, getsysinfo or get_config, except that it creates a HTML (and plain ASCII) system documentation for HP-UX 10.xx/11.xx, Integrity Virtual Machine, SCO-UNIX, AIX, Sun OS and Linux systems. Plug-ins for SAP, Oracle, Informix, Serviceguard, Fiber Channel/SAN, TIP/ix, OpenText (IXOS/LEA), SAN Mass Storage like MAS, EMC, EVA, XPs, Network Node Manager and HP DataProtector etc. are included. The first versions of cfg2html were written for HP-UX. Meanwhile the cfg2html HP-UX stream was ported to all major *NIX platforms, LINUX and small embedded systems.

Some consider it to be the Swiss army knife for the Account Support Engineer, Customer Engineer, System Admin, Solution Architect etc. Originally developed to plan a system update, it was also found useful to perform basic troubleshooting or performance analysis. The production of nice HTML and plain ASCII documentation is part of its utility.

This web page is updated regularly, so refresh this page before you try to download a binary!

The main cfg2html (configuration to HTML) web page is located at There is a download area, mailing list etc.

All support and discussion is preformed through Yahoo Groups, see As of July 2012 the group consists of more than 12.000 members, approximately one message per week is send over the mailing list.

From the following sites you can download the cfg2html collectors for free: is hosted and sponsored by e-projecta GmbH. (Impressum)

Warning: You get here at the newest and freshest versions of cfg2html - that means the software is not so well tested/mature as the major releases at Yahoo! groups. Maintaining of cfg2html/hp-ux is delayed, because we don't have access to developing hardware.

Good News!
The cfg2html-linux (2.7x) and cfg2html-hpux (5.3x) collectors are merged together into one package (currently cfg2html 6.3x).
The whole code is now put under GPL v3 and hosted on github: - Feel free to checkout the code, test it and report issues and enhancements to the issue tracker! Co-Developers are welcome, especially if someone whats to add SUN Solaris, AIX etc. to the project.

Stable beta versions of cfg2html 6.xx are available here for download!

Please move your mouse over the download symbol (Internet Explorer, FireFox and Lynx only!) to see the MD5 hash of each file! You can verify the MD5 checksum with the standard md5sum tool from Linux/*NIX or the HashAll package available from here. Please use "refresh" to force the reloading of this web page, because we often change it contents and your browser cache is maybe outdated!

19.09.2016 64.844 quickinfo: MD5SUM=542a2e83b021f22191b8b809fe71c197  click here to download! cfg2html-6.30-1.git201607081048.noarch.rpm updated/refreshed file! cfg2html 6.30 - RPM package for Linux - this is a BETA release do not use in production! Full package/source code @
08.10.2010 929.129 quickinfo: MD5SUM=310258b252b7bc990139472fc124318b  click here to download! IO_NFS//IO_SAN - small toolset to generate load on NFS shares or SAN storage (EVA, XP, EMC², JBOD etc.)
20.02.2013 98.484 quickinfo: MD5SUM=21c347e2026925a246d2be64140bd4d3  click here to download! cfg2html_OpenWRT-1.18-20130220.tar.gz v1.18-20130220 for Linux based OpenWRT/Freifunk routers (mini Linux with busybox and Kernel 2.4.x)
10.06.2016 1.103 quickinfo: MD5SUM=c9a7fb4bc6562c6851b5a61ec4c485cc  click here to download! small Linux and win32-cygwin shell script to download updated file from
30.12.2013 939.206 quickinfo: MD5SUM=9f24fd0cf8039d893993a6acbcefe442  click here to download! cfg2html-Presentation-2014.pdf Presentation (high & wide) about cfg2html - Usage, History, Vision etc. (Dec. 2013)
22.07.2015 425.505 quickinfo: MD5SUM=0e2f2ecc68f76ab0ac2aa7b1bb0df04a  click here to download! cfg2html for Linux, SUSE and Red Hat RPM, native Debian/Ubuntu package for apt(itude)/dpkg, Source Code for other distros
30.09.2016 68.034 quickinfo: MD5SUM=4bbe03c6b3501e573b26f63f432b1f71  click here to download! cfg2html-6.30-151.1-SLES11.noarch.rpm updated/refreshed file! cfg2html 6.30 - RPM package for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP3/SP4
08.06.2016 1.249.280 quickinfo: MD5SUM=031ef616c90d5616a6185b48819ff911  click here to download! cfg2html_hpux_5.36-20160608-34291.tar cfg2html 5.36 for HP-UX 11.11-11.31 (hppa+ia64), tar package, uncompressed, hpux-cksum=1828568910 1249280 cfg2html_hpux_5.36-20160608-34291.tar
20.11.2016 254.953 quickinfo: MD5SUM=deee3640b82077763e74d2a29d515cb7  click here to download! updated/refreshed file! Hashall - calculates MD5, SHA1, SHA2, SHA3 hashes of files. For Windows and Linux
30.09.2016 65.234 quickinfo: MD5SUM=e5730f03c41f22d21318cf85b0717103  click here to download! cfg2html-6.30-151.1-SLES12.noarch.rpm updated/refreshed file! cfg2html 6.30 - RPM package for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12
13.04.2016 120.216 quickinfo: MD5SUM=01253e55ebc1866425884a81d1032543  click here to download! cfg2html_Development_Tree.jpg Development tree of the different *NIX versions, ending in one common version
13.03.2014 156.771 quickinfo: MD5SUM=e75703c1189f41129dc263a84f6f8910  click here to download! cfg2html_AIX_282-20140313.tar.gz cfg2html for AIX 2.82 - based on 2.71 plus URLs and mail address updated.
15.12.2015 1.085.440 quickinfo: MD5SUM=7d72931fda5224030a3eb87c61da0dae  click here to download! cfg2html_hpux_5.34-20151214-34281.depot cfg2html 5.34 for HP-UX 11.11-11.31 (hppa+ia64), software distributor format, hpux-cksum=1310084023 1085440 cfg2html_hpux_5.34-20151214-34281.depot
17.04.2016 366.998 quickinfo: MD5SUM=f76c1ccde0389efe9148a19dc3792d64  click here to download! Dir2html: Creates a HTML file (webpage) of the files in the current directory. Create within a second a complete download webpage of your files! W3C 3.2 complaint. With INI file for customizing the output. Win32, Dos32 + Linux.
29.09.2016 65.234 quickinfo: MD5SUM=e5730f03c41f22d21318cf85b0717103  click here to download! cfg2html-6.30-151.1-CentOS7.noarch.rpm updated/refreshed file! cfg2html 6.30 - RPM package for Linux - this is a BETA release do not use in production! Full package/source code @
20.11.2016 n/a click to download md5sums.md5 updated/refreshed file! MD5 checksums of this folder
20.02.2013 100.331 quickinfo: MD5SUM=f327f36fbb25bcb8de6933410f0cfe13  click here to download! cfg2html_brocade-1.13-20130220.tar.gz cfg2html-brocade v1.13-20130220 for Linux 2.4 x, 2.6.x and 3.x based Brocade switches
03.02.2016 849.920 quickinfo: MD5SUM=a28275659e16fa593a08f34b8a3d2ad9  click here to download! cfg2html_C.06.27_20151215.depot cfg2html 6.27 for HP-UX 11.11-11.31 (hppa+ia64), software distributor format, version from github
19.09.2016 193.053 quickinfo: MD5SUM=3668510dfab4360774c7b50e3c962b77  click here to download! cfg2html-6.30-git201607081048.tar.gz updated/refreshed file! cfg2html 6.30 - source code package - this is a BETA release do not use in production! Full package/source code @
26.01.2011 4.066 quickinfo: MD5SUM=d116a20e8a6b92f2907fdc51f86d527f  click here to download! Shellscript and XHTML files to create a framed website with all your collected cfg2html from all major platforms (HP-UX, Linux, AIX, SUN etc.)
28.02.2014 591.273 quickinfo: MD5SUM=49c4a2756b3f7dec5a69af4aa428f97f  click here to download! cfg2html-FOSDEM2014-rr.pdf FOSDEM presentation of cfg2html, original by Gratien D'haese

Total: 7.629.842 21 Files

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